A last taste of summer… watermelon smoothie

We’ve been back from the sunny paradise that is Mallorca for a week now after a wonderful stay at Hotel Zhero (not a sponsored post, I just love this place so much I’m happy to share the link)

It was a real shock to the system to go from 30 degree heat by the pool on Saturday to 8 degrees (that’s 86 fahrenheit to 46 fahrenheit for my lovely readers across the pond) and back to work on Monday: never has Nottingham felt more like the Arctic, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

In an effort to capture one last taste of summer before accepting that three blankets and a duvet are now essential attire, I made one of our favourite summer treats for breakfast yesterday:

Watermelon Smoothie

ahhh, sunshine in a glass

Serves 2


  • 1/4 watermelon
  • 600 millilitres almond milk


  1. Ensure that both the watermelon and almond milk have been chilled to perfection in the fridge.
  2. Slice the watermelon and pop it in the blender, add the almond milk. Blitz for thirty seconds.
  3. Serve. It really is that easy!

For those of you in the UK shivering alongside me, this chilled summer classic may not appeal right now, but trust me it’s delicious and a perfect accompaniment to a hot sunny day.

For those of you in Hawaii, the Maldives or any other appropriately hot climate, where is my invite?


Time to come out from amongst the frozen peas….

It’s got to that awkward stage hasn’t it?

You know it.

I know it.

So we might as well just get it out in the open and over and done with.

At first it had just been a couple of days, so you know, I could have posted then and it would have been ok.

Then it had been over a week, so I thought, really, having been gone so long, I’d better post something good, put in a bit of extra effort.

But then there was no time for the extra effort.

Suddenly it’s been two weeks, then three, then…. you get the picture.

And now…..well, now it’s just a bit embarrassing, like seeing a friend in the supermarket who you’ve been meaning to call for ages and feeling like such a b*tch that it’s easier to hide in the freezer aisle than it is to say hello.

Well you know what? It’s cold in that freezer aisle and crouching amongst frozen peas never got anyone anywhere, so I’m just going to stand here and say:

Wow, life really gets in the way of blogging.

Sorry I’ve not been around much.

But I’m back now!

It’s been so freakin’ hectic these last few months, but there has still been time to squeeze in some vegan delights that I would love to share with you. Watch this space for: mushroom and truffle oil tagliatelle; lime chocolate chilli ice-(no)cream and a super easy, super healthy and super delicious watermelon smoothie.

I’ve been as much missing in action as a bloggee as I have a blogger, so I can’t wait to read all your latest posts and see how you’re all doing.¬†Missed you all!

Ma’am, it’s time to step away from the peas….