Plant Powered Awesomeness

Nottingham played host to the UFC this weekend at the Capital FM Arena. Unfortunately the cost of the tickets priced us out of attendance but we had two good reasons to keep an eye on the results.

The first was that local boy Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy (and all round nice guy if his twitter feed is anything to go by) was near the top of the bill. The second was that vegan MMA fighter Akira Corassani was also on the card. I’m very pleased to report that both won their fights!

It was especially cool that Mr Honeyforthebees ran into Akira in our local veggie/vegan cafe, The Alley Cafe:

Thumbs up for plant power!

I love the opportunity to big up vegan athletes: what better way to challenge the stereotype that vegans are pastey, anaemic weaklings?

Repeat after me:

I am vegan, hear me ROOOAAAAARRRRRRR!


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