TGI Saturday….

Looooooonnnnnnnggggggggggg week this week.

You ever had one of those weeks? Sure you have. The ones that just go on, forever.

Trying to achieve anything this week has been like trying to swim backward through treacle, and to be perfectly frank, it has made me feel pretty darn mardy (‘mardy’ is a Nottingham word which broadly translates as : grumpy as hell and throwing your toys out of the pram).

Then mother nature decided to remind me that sometimes you need rain to see something beautiful :

Mother natures upgrades the view from my office window

And before I knew it, the working week was over and I was enjoying a leisurely breakfast……

Chilli potato cakes with facon (fake bacon) and beans

……and most importantly, Mr Honeyforthebees smiling at me from across the breakfast table!

Yay for Saturdays.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend  xx


6 thoughts on “TGI Saturday….

    • I have to confess that this is our household nickname for any ‘fake’ or ‘mock’ meat products: bacon = facon, chicken = micken, duck = muck.

      The actual brand of facon that we are using at the moment is ‘Cheatin Rashers’. Let’s face it, it’s been 20+ years since I last ate real bacon so I have no idea as to whether or not this bears any resemblance to the real thing, for me it’s not about having a ‘meat replacement’ but about enjoying different flavours and textures. I personally really like the salty/smokiness of this product.

    • Mardy is one of those great words that sounds like what it is. Pram is the uk term for a buggy/pushchair/stroller. I forget how many different words we all use for the same things!

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