A word on fake duck

One of the comments that I received from the lovely Liz for a Day reminded me that sometimes we have our own separate language here in the Honeyforthebees household.

‘Fake meat’ products have always been a part of our diet. I know that there are some vegans and vegetarians who are very against these types of products, but for me, I enjoy the flavour and variety they can bring to a meal.

Personally, I don’t view them as a substitution for meat but as just another part of my diet: gluten and soy based products have been a standard part of a number of cultures’ eating practices for many centuries and for me, I see no reason to reject these products just because, probably for familiarity reasons, they are marketed as ‘meat replacement’.

In our household though, no matter what the brand, we adopt our own naming system for our soya/gluten products based on the meat product to which they bear the greatest similarity:

Bacon = Fake Bacon = Facon

Chicken = Ficken

Sausages = Fausages

But when it comes to duck, we avoid the word ‘fake’ and go for ‘mock’ instead:

Duck = Muck

….it just seems the more polite substitution somehow!

Asking for fake duck using our slang system may earn you some unwelcome attention.       Let’s stick to ‘mock’ shall we?


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