Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, woke up this morning another year older.

Earned some mega brownie-points in the office for baking these bad boys:

Chocolate, maple and pecan cupcakes – vegan of course!

As there are over thirty people in my team they had to fight over the eighteen cakes that I made. Keep ’em on their toes, that’s what I say.

Anyway, just a quick post as I am on my way out to drink wine to commiserate the greying of my hair and the wrinkling of my face, I’m trying not to even think about the sagging of my ass….more squats, more squats.

Big birthday kisses to everyone!


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

    • Thanks Hannah! Yes, I’ve always thought it a slightly odd tradition but it seems to be that when its your birthday, you take in the cakes. I far prefer it the way you suggest! x

    • Hi Sophie, sorry for the delay in replying its been one of those weeks. Thank you so much for my lovely birthday message. Now for my confession – the cupcake recipe isn’t one of my own its from the delectable Kim Barnoin’s ‘Skinny Bitch Cookbook’. I can’t find an authorised version to re-post online – but I will keep looking. The chocolate, maple and pecan icing is all my own – however, I made the cupcakes in such a rush that I forgot to write down the proportions of the ingredients (vegan margarine, chocolate, maple syrup, golden icing sugar and pecans). There is only one thing for it – I am going to have to i) make the cupcakes again and this time try to create my own recipe and ii) this time write everything down! I’ve got a holiday coming up – oh yeah, I feel some creative cooking time coming on…..

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    • Wow – Thanks so so much! This is so super cool. Now, I know there are things to do by me now and I’m a bit behind on the blog this week so bear with me and I will get to it. Please don’t think my tardiness is a lack of gratitude!!!

    • Ha ha – too true. Thanks Katie – and congratulations on being freshly pressed!. I had really enjoyed that post and thought you hit a great note – don’t let any detractors or those with a sense of humour failure get you down! x

  2. Happy Bithday to you, jam in your shoe, apricot in you pants, happy bithday to you! (Just in case you think I’m totally weird: German kids often sing ‘happy birthday’ that way, but it rhymes in german) Anyway: I wish you a wonderful new year full of vegan treats! πŸ™‚ Those cupcakes look delicious!

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