On being both an early bird and disorganised





6 thoughts on “On being both an early bird and disorganised

      • Sounds like you need to rest and recuperate! How is you tooth?
        I am really well thanks! Enjoy what remains of your weekend.

      • Much better thanks – I’m on day two of no pain killers and the strange crunching noise in my jaw is slowly subsiding!

        I hope you are not too lonely whilst the husband and kids are away – make the most of the opportunity for some ‘you time’!

        Take care S

  1. I am just wondering what time is early for you? I have been an early riser since a young child. My Mom says that I am an earlier than early riser. I don’t know many early risers so I was just wondering. Great post by the way!!

    • Hi Electric Lamb, how lovely to have you here and thanks for the big up!

      For me being an early bird is a relative thing:
      – My sister is a 5am kind of girl. Compared to her, I lie in.
      – On the other hand I have to drag Mr HFTB from bed sometime around eleven, but only if I have coffee and pancakes ready. Compared to him, I really am an early bird.

      I usually get up between 6 – 7 am. This morning I got up at 7 – but on account of the fact that we didn’t get to bed until about 3am – it felt like a super early start!

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