T-day: Minus one

Ok, so I know that I genuinely run the risk of losing half my readership at this point. But I don’t believe in doing one of those blogs where you only get the polished version of me. Nope, you lucky people get me warts and all, not just a super-slick, instagrammed, only-ever-doing-cool-things, me.

Yes, I believe in honest blogging. So, here goes:

I am sooooo freaking excited about the new twilight movie coming out tomorrow.

I am going to make you feel even worse about this by confirming that:

  • Yes, I am an (early!) thirty something woman;
  • Yes, I know there is something weird about a vegan liking vampires;
  • Yes, I am aware the book is not a stunning piece of literature and there are a million other books that are better written;
  • Yes , Jacob did sound a bit like Scooby-Doo on crack in the last movie; and
  • Yes, I get that the protagonist basically sets back the feminist cause by approximately one hundred years.

And do you know what: I don’t care!

I love the books, I love the movies, I love K-stew, R-pats and Taylor Lautner (who I suddenly feel sorry isn’t called T-Laut).

Me, not caring at all that I love twilight.
Ok, fine, I admit it, its K-Stew. I just wanna beeee her!

Unfortunately work and family commitments mean that I won’t get to see the movie until next week, but I can’t promise that I won’t see it twice. So judge me all you want, be disappointed in me, shake your head and tut a little because:

About three things I am absolutely positive:

First, I am old enough to know better. Second, There’s a part of me – and I don’t know how potent that part might be – that thirsts for Robert Pattinson. And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Twilight.

(btw: if you get that last paragraph then you’re as big a twi-hard as I am – yay. If you didn’t, just tryย toย forgive me).

Finally, I really do promise I will do some proper vegan blogging soon

Mwah Mwah x


11 thoughts on “T-day: Minus one

  1. Haha! I must say I am relieved! I didn’t know what you were going to reveal.
    I can accept you just as you are- warts and all! ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha!
    Here is my confession- I’ve only seen the first movie; haven’t read any of the books.

    • Not that I’m a twi-pusher (but I am): You should give the books a try – personally I don’t think the films stand up on their own right without the background that comes from the books. But then, I would say that! Happy weekend, S

    • Wow, how cool. Now I don’t have much Hello Kitty know how, but absolute truth, I work with a girl who has a full sleeve tattoo of Hello Kitty, now that’s dedication! Look after yourself, S

  2. Who gets to say what a proper vegan post is? It’s your blog, you can do what you want. BTW I am in my 40’s and I love the twilight series also. So there, I said it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun at the show. It will be a while before I get to see it unfortunately.

  3. I’ve never read any of the Twilights or seen any of the films. But your five bullets in this post taught me three things about the series, and one thing about you. The other point of the five, I already knew based on hearsay lol. You got my attention in the first paragraph when you said you might lose half your followers, I get curious about things like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi MrsB, my husband repeatedly took the mick out of me for reading the books (in fairness, it was probably only after about the fifteenth time), I told him he couldn’t ridicule me until he read them all – so he did. And whilst he would probably deny this in public, he totally loved them (and he’s completely Team Jacob)! Ahh, poor long suffering husbands……

    • Hi Grenglish, great to have you here, I love Alice’s blog – she’s a real inspiration! Re the film, honestly, I’m still in mixed emotion paralysis…. the comedy stereotypes were almost a bit too much for me, but then the battle scene was breathtaking (I literally yelped at one particularly traumatic point) and I loved that Bella was so much more kickass than in the books. I think I can only resolve my turmoil by watching the whole saga again from start to finish….

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