The boy and I are off work at the moment. We spent last week doing household chores (and napping, there was a lot of napping). This week, we were planning to hit the road in our camper van and explore the country but the weather has been somewhat apocalyptic and, to be honest, we’ve both been working super hard and feel like we need a bit of a treat.

So, we have, within the last six minutes, booked ourselves a three night stay here:

Kemp Townhouse: Five star reviews on TripAdvisor and happy to cook vegan. As much as I love our camper van, I think this is going to be a much more luxurious experience…..

I love Brighton, its been a few years since we were last there. I was super excited about eating at Terre a Terre which has to be one of the best veggie/vegan restaurants in the UK, if not the world. However, I’ve just gone on to their website and discovered they have had a fire and won’t now be open until the New Year, noooooooooooooo! If anyone has any recommendations for other vegan friendly eateries in Brighton, please let me know.

We’ve leaving tomorrow, I can’t wait…….


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