On refusing to be a Daily Mail cliché…….

Man alive, did I get out of bed on the wrong side this morning.

I woke up in a foul mood, I actually think I slept in a foul mood, and I sure as heck went to work with a face like a smacked arse.

Even the boy scraping the snow off the car could not bring a smile to my face

Even the boy scraping the snow off my car could not bring a smile to my face

I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, I just felt, well, miserable……

  • PMT? Possible.
  • Stress at Work? Likely.
  • Feeling poor after Christmas? Yep.
  • Cold and bored of the snow already? Definitely.
  • Broke my new years resolutions? All but one of them (yay for me – no booze – hmmmm, maybe that’s the problem?!)

Then I saw an article in the Daily Mail (don’t judge me, it is an acceptable source of news…) stating it’s ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year.

Blue Monday

If there is one thing worse than being miserable, it’s being a miserable cliché, and if there is one thing worse than being a miserable cliché, it’s being a miserable Daily Mail cliché.

So I promptly got over myself and resolved to be happy. This was greatly aided by the following:

  • An ‘upgrade’ from evening guest to day guest at a wedding we’re going to in April;
  • A piece of fabulous news from a friend who’s been having a tough time;
  • One of my friends at work brought me in all of her Green & Blacks rejects from the selection pack she got for Christmas. She eats all the milk chocolate ones and I get all the rest, it’s possibly the perfect symbiotic relationship and the prospect of being able to eat my own body weight in chocolate was a real mood booster.
Three Words : Nom, Nom, Nom

Three Words :
Nom, Nom, Nom

Finally, I finished work on time, hit the Box and WODed my ass off at Crossfit. Woo hoo, who’d have thought that kettle bells, skipping ropes and burpees could be the source of all happiness…….


8 thoughts on “On refusing to be a Daily Mail cliché…….

  1. Wow! That is a lot of chocolate!!!!
    Why is that particular Monday the most depressing of all? I know, I know….It’s the Daily Mail! Sounds like our Daily Telegraph. It doesn’t have to make sense!
    I’m glad you are feeling cheery again!

    • Apparently its the combination of SAD, Christmas credit card bills arriving, bad weather, breaking new years resolutions etc etc – add to that its a Monday, eugh. ….

  2. So THAT’s why I bought chocolate yesterday! Seriously, I seldom have sugar these days and on a whim I picked up some! And you are right–Crossfit is great for a boost!

    • Hi Keri, though its hard to believe from all my various posts, I really don’t eat that much chocolate – but this winter I have been craving it non-stop. I guess I’ll have to keep working extra hard at Crossfit to burn it all off. I’m finding that Crossfit is making a real difference to my running (although I’m not up to marathons like you!). x

  3. Checking in for the first time!!!! Totally love the blog Su – realy, how on earth do you find the time?!??! Also, thought you’d be very pleased to hear, that inspired by our very lovely vegan meal last week, we had “meat-free Monday” in our house for the very first time this week! Get us!

    Jealous of the chocolate though…

      • Hmmm, you need a wordpress profile than it allows you to create a ‘gravatar’ – I think you can just log in on the wordpress mainsite and create – then your picture will show up on all the wordpress hosted blogs (seriously, this is pushing the limits of my knowledge, so if i’m wrong, don’t judge!)

    • Yay, thanks for checking in Toastie! As you can see – ‘how I do it’ is by being dreadfully slow to respond to all my lovely comments. Getting up while the boy is still in bed on a saturday morning also helps! So pleased that you and Mr A are trying meat free Mondays – if you want some more ideas for recipes than the paltry few I’ve managed to post then check out Ally at More than Stars and Sophie at Sophies Food Files – so so many good recipes. Have an awesome weekend xxx

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