Oooooo you sexy thing you….

Check it out:

vegan lip stick

After a year of being lip-stick/lip-colour free, I finally got my ass in gear and got me some vegan lip stuff going on.

Oh grrrrrrrrrrr

(I’d do a #selfie but I always look a bit more durrrrr than grrrrrr)


7 thoughts on “Oooooo you sexy thing you….

    • Hi Mrs B, I wore the ‘Latte’ last night – its more of a lip balm than a lip stick so doesn’t last very long and needs topping up. I test drove the ‘Decisive’ lip colour throughout today (most glamorous trip to Sainsbury’s ever) and it seemed to last really well – its more of a stain than a traditional lipstick so had real staying power x

    • I’ve only tried a couple of their products before – but I am definitely going to give some more a try – I’ll put this one on my list – thanks!

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