Life BV….

One of the tricky things about turning vegan, is what to do about your life before vegan (BV).

Chances are, in your BV days, you bought stuff you wouldn’t dream of touching with a barge pole now.

I got lucky when it came to food:  I turned vegan before the husband so I just sent him into the cupboards like a human hoover, clearing out all the lactose and honey ridden naughties. By the time of his AV (anno-veganni?), I’d long since secretly veganised our food hoard.

My BV clothes were a little less easy to deal with, apparently dressing your husband in your leather purses and cute woollen sweaters is less acceptable than having him polish off the Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Besides, he would never have been able to squeeze his big man toes in to my pretty little lady shoes.

I took a picture of my hoover wearing shoes and a hat. I have way too much time on my hands.

I took a picture of my hoover wearing shoes and a hat. I have way too much time on my hands.

I donated a lot to the PDSA for onward sale (I didn’t feel right e-baying things and making money out of something I no longer ethically agree with), other items were gifted to friends, but some things I have continued to use because I was concerned that they were not of sufficient quality to be re-sold or gifted and because it felt wrong, and disrespectful, to simply dispose of them.

One of those things was a leather purse. I probably bought it about five years BV and it was pretty tatty last January when I turned vegan, but this week, some eighteen months after my transition, it finally gave up the ghost, the lining now ripped beyond repair and the clasp distinctly unclaspy.

At last…

At last…..

A new purse!

And check it out, its soooooooooo pretty. Why did I ever think I needed leather anyway?!

non-leather purses

Yay, another step toward a life free from animal products.


A Dirty Dilemma: To soap or not to soap, that is the question…..

My journey into veganism has been a real eye opener. I was not a strict vegetarian but I am a strict vegan. This means that I do my utmost to keep all animal products out of my life.

When people ask me what the hardest thing about being vegan is, my honest answer is: shoes and handbags.

I love shoes and handbags.

Really, really, love them. In a slightly disturbing, sometimes want to lick them, kind of way. The range of shoes and handbags available when you chose not to wear leather is seriously curtailed. My credit card balance does not view this as a bad thing.

Myyyyy precciiouuuusssssssss
(Animal free shoes courtesy of Dorothy Perkins)

I have made some pretty daft errors since I turned vegan in January: a puffa jacket that I didn’t realise was down-filled until I’d been wearing it for three weeks, a woollen jumper (I know! I didn’t think about the whole sheep thing either) and carrying on eating crunchy nut cornflakes for six weeks before the fact that they’re covered in honey caught my attention (I promise I am normally very good at label reading – I think I just got so excited that lactose wasn’t listed in the allergens section that I forgot to check the rest of the ingredients).

But this weekend I was out for dinner, took a trip to the bathroom, went to wash my hands and this happened:

Ok, I admit it, by the time I took this picture I may have had one too many, hence the lack of focus. For those unable to read through my beer glasses, this soap proudly contains milk and honey. Nnnnggghhh. Cue: unexpected vegan dilemma.

Argghhhhh, what to do, what to do, what to do?

Principals and dirty, bacteria-ridden, hands? Or, clean hands and a dirty conscience?

Honestly? I soaped. I’m sure there are some hardcore Big Vs out there who will think that that was the wrong thing to do.

From now on I’m going to be one of those OCD people who takes hand sanitizer everywhere……..