Cinnamon Breakfast Pancakes : Let’s not kid ourselves ….

Vegan Cinnamon Pancakes

…. no matter how much coconut oil and wholewheat flour you throw in, pancakes drenched in maple syrup are never going to be a healthy breakfast, but still, let’s give credit where credit is due, they are healthier than the average pancake.

I spotted this delicious recipe for vegan cinnamon breakfast pancakes on The Sparkle Side Walk and I’ve literally been looking forward to trying them ever since!

Just one little over share before I go, hangover clothing is sooooo not my strong point:

This is not a squat booty

This is not a squat booty

oh yeah, that’s how I’m rollin’ this morning.



Hangover Food…..

Oh bleurgh, I really should know better, but unfortunately, I don’t. I am feeling more than a little bit dusty after the wedding yesterday.

There can be only one solution :

Hangover Sandwich


  • White shop bought sliced bread
  • Vegan spread
  • Cheating Chicken of your choice


  1. Lather the bread in the vegan spread.
  2. Add all of the cheating chicken. Do not keep any back, put the whole pack in.
  3. Serve with an open fire, a blanket and a trashy movie. You may top with a vegan mayo and a spicy sauce of your choosing.

There are some really important things to be aware of with this recipe. You can very easily mess it up. You absolutely must not do any of the following:

– Use brown bread, artisan bread or home baked bread. No. You need proper shop bought white bread with weird chemicals and additives in.

– Add fruit, vegetables, salad or greenery of any description. The closest thing to vegetables this sandwich should ever come is tomato ketchup.

– Feel bad for eating crap. If you were that bothered about being healthy you shouldn’t have drunk so much wine last night (and the drinking games were definitely not a good idea either). The healthy ship has sailed for the weekend: just eat the sandwich and enjoy it.

Hangover food: The beiger the better

This is as good a recipe as you’re going to get from me today.